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Mediation has an important place among alternative dispute resolution methods in today's legal system. This method, which saves both time and cost, also helps to preserve the relationships between parties.

The primary duty of a mediator is to provide effective and appropriate services to the parties and contribute to the protection of their rights and interests.


In Çetiner Attorney Partnership, the mediation process is conducted in accordance with the principles of "independence," "impartiality," "trust and honesty," "confidentiality," "flexibility," and "prioritizing the parties' interests". Within this scope, in the mediation process, the parties' needs and demands are analyzed, and methods are determined for the provision of effective and appropriate services.


Our expert mediators at Çetiner Attorney Partnership act in compliance with laws, professional rules, and ethical values, and manage the resolution process by taking into consideration the parties' sensitivities and confidentiality.


When necessary, we seek the support of legal experts or technical experts with specialized knowledge.

Our aim is to achieve a quick and effective resolution of disputes. While doing so, we not only aim to resolve disputes but also to help preserve long-term relationships.

Çetiner Attorney Partnership has been providing mediation services since 2018 in line with the above-mentioned goals and principles.

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